My Ambitions Have Outpaced My Motivation

I’l add more to this as I continue to learn by doing…..

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The Slow Carb Diet Works

I lost about a half pound per day for 2 months. Here’s how.

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Swearing The Oath of Enlistment

Today, I swore the oath of enlistment for the United States Marine Corps

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Balancing Big and Small Clients

It’s not always big and small. sometimes it’s just work you have to do and work you can outsource.

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Keyword Research for New Projects

After doing keyword discovery, you need to find different variations of phrases, search volumes and the difficulty scores.

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Keyword Discovery for New Projects

How do you know which keywords to get search volumes for when doing keyword research?

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Easy Search Engine Optimization for WordPress

A checklist for quick and easy search engine optimization of a fresh WordPress installation.

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Building a Freelance Business

If I don’t try, then I can’t fail. Anyone of my grand ideas could be the one, unless of course, I try them and they aren’t.

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Did I Waste My 20’s?

I’ve spent 5 years sitting at a computer in my downstairs extra bedroom- office space. Maybe I’m just pissed that I used a Windows computer for 4 of those years. Or maybe I wasted 5 years of my youth, again.

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What Business Should I Start?

I have too many options in business. I’ve studied every book relevant. I’ve quizzed every mentor I’ve had. I’ve asked every friend I know. In short, I’ve done everything except decide.

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