the solution to stuck is changing everything, making a goal and then Grinding It Out. f you keep changing your goal, you’ll end up stuck the same way you would if you stuck to one goal and never changed anything    

How To Live

Life lessons I feel are right, but a lot of people say are wrong.



I’m not good with experiencing emotions. It took me years to figure out the calm feeling that I feel most comfortable with… I call it “at peace with X”.

Think Too Much and Do Too Little

I’m not happy with where I’m at in life because I think too much and do to little.

Professionals Don’t Wait

Professionals don’t wait for the perfect conditions…. And this lesson is very hard for me to learn for some reason.

Balancing Opportunities & Commitments

I need some constraints. Without them, there’s just too much opportunity, too many choices, too much time to re-think everything.

Selling SEO and Setting Expectations

This is how to set realistic expectations with SEO prospects, while using credible metrics to backup your sales pitch.

The Easiest Path To Quick Sales

  lead generation business development cold calls make friends and give referrals   Be specific, solve their problems. Keep notes of questions/answers, selling points and objections so you can tweak your pitch as time goes along. Stay classy and don’t beg or be desperate. When you’re talking with a prospect, try to be the pretty […]

Whatever You Think is Best

The best employees are people who’s questions you can answer with “whatever you think is best”.