Physical Fitness Goals and Journey

I’ll start by walking, and then step things up every time I get bored with my current routine. I’m going to eat slow carb again. I’m going to weigh 160 pounds. I’m going run 3 miles in 24 minutes. I’m going to do 100 pushups in 2 minutes. I’m going to do 100 sit-ups in […]

Work Ethic

only today exists intuition > analyzing meditate, breathe, stretch Self interests > relationships Good excuses are still excuses do this biggest impact task 1st Get help & Relax for same result be authentic, don’t break character an apple a day not 30 end of month Neutral logic > emotions = at peace Everything counts, be […]

Motivating Fears and Dreams

Jordan Peterson says to write your 5 worst fears and best dreams of accomplishing your highest goal in order to have enough inner motivation to achieve it…. My goal? It’s more of a ‘direction’ or a ‘vision’ (or a ‘journey’, if you absolutely must)…. I NEED financial independence. Worst fears….. unable to afford daily life […]

Built to Sell

Here’s my notes from this awesomeness of a book… Productize with 1 standard service Diversify client roster Process everything Don’t “be” your company. Charge up front rather than having poor cash flow. Say no to projects outside the scope of your business. estimate potential market size hire at least two sales people so they’ll compete […]

A Very Difficult Year

A lot of change, even more lessons learned. I just learned nearly every personal lesson I pushed off in order to focus on business for the last decade… crash course style of course. I’m starting over in almost every respect. I’ve reached out for help from friends and family for the first meaningful time in […]


The solution to stuck is changing everything, making a goal and then Grinding It Out. If you keep changing your goal, you’ll end up stuck the same way you would if you stuck to one goal and never changed anything    

How To Live

Life lessons I feel are right, but a lot of people say are wrong.



I’m not good with experiencing emotions. It took me years to figure out the calm feeling that I feel most comfortable with… I call it “at peace with X”.

Think Too Much and Do Too Little

I’m not happy with where I’m at in life because I think too much and do to little.

Professionals Don’t Wait

Professionals don’t wait for the perfect conditions…. And this lesson is very hard for me to learn for some reason.

Balancing Opportunities & Commitments

I need some constraints. Without them, there’s just too much opportunity, too many choices, too much time to re-think everything.

Selling SEO and Setting Expectations

This is how to set realistic expectations with SEO prospects, while using credible metrics to backup your sales pitch.

The Easiest Path To Quick Sales

  lead generation business development cold calls make friends and give referrals   Be specific, solve their problems. Keep notes of questions/answers, selling points and objections so you can tweak your pitch as time goes along. Stay classy and don’t beg or be desperate. When you’re talking with a prospect, try to be the pretty […]

Whatever You Think is Best

The best employees are people who’s questions you can answer with “whatever you think is best”.

Making Changes to Be Happier

Since about 19, my philosophy behind making decisions has been “live the way I will one day wish I would have”.

Running vs Building a Business

Your mindset should be that you love creating profit- whatever that may require you to accomplish on a given day.

No Marine Corps for Me Afterall

I’m not joining because I realized infantry wasn’t the best place for me.

My Ambitions Have Outpaced My Motivation

There’s a huge difference in learning in theory and learning by doing. In fact, I’d consider them opposites.

The Slow Carb Diet Works

I lost about a half pound per day for 2 months. Here’s how.

Balancing Big and Small Clients

It’s not always big and small. sometimes it’s just work you have to do and work you can outsource.

Building a Freelance Business

If I don’t try, then I can’t fail. Anyone of my grand ideas could be the one, unless of course, I try them and they aren’t.

Did I Waste My 20’s?

I’ve spent 5 years sitting at a computer in my downstairs extra bedroom- office space. Maybe I’m just pissed that I used a Windows computer for 4 of those years. Or maybe I wasted 5 years of my youth, again.

What Business Should I Start?

I have too many options in business. I’ve studied every book relevant. I’ve quizzed every mentor I’ve had. I’ve asked every friend I know. In short, I’ve done everything except decide.

My TV Just Broke

My TV broke last week. Oddly, on the same day my cable was supposed to be cancelled.

Why I’m Not a Billionaire Yet

I’m 28, and I thought for sure I’d be close to a billion dollars by now. But I’m no where even close. Not even close to a million.

Join The Marine Corps?

Yea, why not? This life is not for practice. When it’s all over, what would you have regretted missing out on?

Starting is Hard as Hell

Do I need to set my definite end result goal before I start? If not, then how do I know where to start and what to do?

Google Proof Marketing

Marketing is real work and takes careful consideration of where you want to be promoted, and how you will get promoted there.

The Millionaire Next Door Formula

After reading this book the first time, I sold my (almost) new 7 series BMW… and bought an investment townhouse with the cash.

Whoever sells the most wins

I don’t care about “high quality links”. I want leads from links, and you should too.

You don’t get when you don’t ask

How I got a new customer by cold calling for fun

Starting a minimum viable freelance business

If taxes mean the difference between your business working or not, rethink your business idea.

My biggest business mistakes

FAIL! I spent years hiding, ignoring cashflow and being proud and scared.

The Little Book of Leadership by Jeffrey Gitomer

If you ever have to say “I’m the boss”, then you should read some world definition of leadership skills.