My Ambitions Have Outpaced My Motivation

There’s a huge difference in learning in theory and learning by doing. In fact, I’d consider them opposites.

Unfortunately, I’ve invested WAY too much money (and worse, time) in theory over the years. My new mantra is “learn from experience, not a book (or guide, video, etc)”.

Now that I’m training to prepare for USMC basic training, I’m learning a lot by doing.

I’ve learned that in business, my ambitions have outpaced my motivation. I dream about accomplishing a lot and always wonder why I “can’t” or haven’t yet. I mean, I show up every day, isn’t that enough? Nope. not even close. Showing up to the track doesn’t get the workout completed.

I’ve learned that every time I say “I’m too tired today” or “I can do that tomorrow”… I’m lying to myself. There is no such thing as tomorrow or yesterday. Only today. Only right now.

I’ve learned “logical reasons” are still just excuses. You can learn to live with some excuses, but not most of them. “I’m not running today because I’m letting my leg pain heal”… capital Bullshit, that’s a cop out. Run until you HAVE to crawl, then rest. At least that way, you’ll know exactly how far you can push next time before you risk injury. Note: I just did this, it sucks. But I embraced the suck.

I’l add more to this as I continue to learn by doing…..