Balancing Big and Small Clients

It’s not always big and small. sometimes it’s just work you have to do and work you can outsource.

So how do you handle them both while trying to build a business? Simple I think. Do marketing.

Any clients you get from referrals, charge high and do the work yourself so you’re sure the results will be up-to-standard. This cash flow will pay your bills, finance your marketing and just keep you afloat in general.

Any clients you get from your marketing, outsource them to your hired help. The results won’t be as good (in your opinion), but you’ll be able to take on more and more of these clients. As you get better at your marketing, outsourcing and managing- you’ll be growing a business to replace your personal client hours.

The hardest part will be procrastinating perfection and actually outsourcing the lower end work.