Balancing Opportunities & Commitments

I’ve found myself having way too much indecisiveness in recent times. While I was preparing for boot camp though, I noticed myself being way more decisive in through my days.

I think the commitment to obligations is what forced me to think less and do more. I had a real constraint- and had to make good use of my time. If a task or choice was in front of me for example, I had to get it done and move on. I didn’t have time to keep going back and re-thinking my choices or if I should have done xyz differently/ etc.

Now that I’m not going to boot camp anymore (I was scheduled to leave today actually), I need some constraints. Without them, there’s just too much opportunity, too many choices, too much time to re-think everything. The hard part is finding commitments with a greater-good meaning. The Marines gave me that… it’s different working out vs working out so you can serve.

So far I’m thinking that I need to commit to a few hobbies like working out regularly, volunteering, playing billiards, boxing, etc. The point is to reduce my abundance of opportunities and focus on the ones that matter. It’s interesting to have this problem, as I’m sure most people in the world would kill to have it. I just need to know what to do with it now that I have it.