Built to Sell

Here’s my notes from this awesomeness of a book…

  1. Productize with 1 standard service
  2. Diversify client roster
  3. Process everything
  4. Don’t “be” your company.
  5. Charge up front rather than having poor cash flow.
  6. Say no to projects outside the scope of your business.
  7. estimate potential market size
  8. hire at least two sales people so they’ll compete
  9. Think and speak like a product business with ‘customers’ rather than ‘clients’.
  10. You want people who are good at selling products as-is.
  11. be prepared to take a hit the year when you switch.
  12. Use simple ways like bonuses paid over time (not stock options) to inceantive loyalty and results for good managers.
  13. 2 years steady exponential growth and have a tangible plan of within reach steps to scale orders of magnitude
  14. To find company selling advisor- don’t be smallest or largest client, or only biz type in my category. To set price, consider value of growth ability to resourceful buyer (check their track records and that of successful buyers in my category)