Did I Waste My 20’s?

I’ve spent 5 years sitting at a computer in my downstairs extra bedroom- office space. Maybe I’m just pissed that I used a Windows computer for 4 of those years. Or maybe I wasted 5 years of my youth, again.

As a minor, I was always moving between Mom and Dad. Before high school, I had 1 request: Let me graduate at the high school I start with please. But no, it wasn’t in the cards. Instead, I switched between the two all the while feeling like I’m just killing time until I turn 18. I even used to keep the number f days written down so I could cross it out each night before bed.

So when I finally turned 18, I moved the beach and got a job as a life guard. I had a blast. And I made a lot of money (relatively speaking) so I had as much fun as I always wanted to. No regrets.

But then at age 23, I bought a computer and couldn’t turn it off. I spent nights and days just learning. I had a goal, to make money for my boss. I did, and a lot of it too.

I began helping others over time and before I knew it,  I woke up at 28 writing this post. And I can’t help but feeling like I’ve wasted the last 5 years doing nothing of value, nothing fun.

I’ve been introverted again (usually reserved for when living with my dad). And it was fun for a while. But I missing being extroverted (I was always very extroverted when living with my Mom).

I’m not sure if I just desire some back and forth of the extremes instead of a more balanced approach, so I’ll just have to see how I feel 5 years from now. I do know at this moment, my mind and body is screaming to go outside, meet people and to get away from my computer.