Google Proof Marketing

Marketing is the same online as it is offline. In either case, you need to be promoted in front of your prospects. A lot of online marketers and SEO’s have waisted time by guest blogging in non relevant sites for the purpose of getting links to impress Google.

No more though, Matt Cutts (Google’s SEO spokesperson) is promising to make those links count less or not at all moving forward. If you want your marketing efforts to remain valuable no matter what changes Google makes, keep these two points in mind:

  1. Get inbound links that send leads. These will send you qualified visitors even if Google goes out of business. Plus, these are the exact type of links that Google wants to count and has never/ will never penalize.
  2. If the link building you are doing can be automated, it’s likely that others are automating it… And it’s likely that Google is actively working on a way to devalue that activity precisely because they don’t want their algorithms to be gamed.

Marketing is real work and takes careful consideration of where you want to be promoted, and how you will get promoted there.

Make a plan for getting promoted on websites that your prospects visit, figure out ways of getting those sites to do it, then go get it done (and ignore the latest/ greatest SEO tactic you hear everyone talking about).