How To Live

Try drugs. But only natural ones- and not more than 4 times per year. Anything else is a crutch, and you should fix the problem not get a crutch.

Drink. But don’t drive. (see “weigh your options” below).

Cuss. But not in front of people older than you. This seems to be the limiting factor in social norms.

Weigh your options. Think about the positive that could happen and the negative. If the risk is worth the reward, do it.

Go with the odds. You’ll be “up” more often than not.

Decide often. Nothing has given me as many problems as not deciding.

Go outside. Weekends are not meant to be spent inside.

Don’t buy stuff. Adventure > toys.

Stay active and fit. You’ll respect yourself more this way.

Lie sometimes. I can’t think of when it’s ok, but Im sure there’s an example somewhere. Never lie about the important things though.

Fight sometimes. Especially when you see a bully.

Sell. Whatever you do, be sure to sell more than others. This will open up many doors and ensure you never go broke.

Go broke. At least once in your life, you’ll go broke. That’s ok, it’s expected. I have been broke 4 times now 5 times now.