Motivating Fears and Dreams

Jordan Peterson says to write your 5 worst fears and best dreams of accomplishing your highest goal in order to have enough inner motivation to achieve it…. My goal? It’s more of a ‘direction’ or a ‘vision’ (or a ‘journey’, if you absolutely must)…. I NEED financial independence.

Worst fears…..

    1. unable to afford daily life
    2. working risky, hard jobs non stop every day
    3. missing out on remainder of life from work i hate
    4. non stop drama and pain from family life or lack of, due to financial instability
    5. unable to handle health issues for lack of money

    Best dreams….

    1. respected among people i know for accomlishments above expected possible of me
    2. lifestyle of investing and learning to grow wealth as career
      helping others in need to achieve more by setting the example
    3. comfortable lifestyle with family or self by having the ability to relax and know all is ok regardless of life events
    4. continuing to be in charge of and capable of creating my own directions in life and future