My biggest business mistakes


I spent years hiding. I studied business and marketing and SEO to death. Seth Godin calls it hiding, I call it procrastinating. Either way, it probably cost me hundreds of thousands and worse, lots and lots of time. The lesson? When you learn something new, execute it immediately instead of trying to save it all up for 1 big execution in the future.

Ignoring cashflow

Funny thing is, I studied the heck out of this too. I didn’t execute. I’ve always kept a budget, but I didn’t have the guts to ask for payment upfront. And that cost me big time. I was essentially financing other people’s marketing with my time/services/cash. Thankfully, I stopped doing this last year, and I’ve been able to pay my bills ever since. Who would have thought?

Asking for help

I’ve always thought I’m not really cut out for business if I couldn’t do it all by myself. Especially not the SEO business. Boy-was-i-wrong! Part of being ‘good’ in business is being able to ask for help, without people telling you no. Oh, some people will, but if you give help to others, some will help you back. And if you’re meeting enough people, you”ll occasionally get helped by someone who believes in helping first too. Thanks to a good friend, here’s my new business plan.

Refusing to market and sell

I spent 5 years mastering the art of selling. But not high pressure sales (although I did try that but hated it). No, I learned by starting a conversation with about 100,000 strangers while I was a beach attendant (on commission). I did it by being nice, helping people carry stuff on the beach, and telling them how fun parasailing is. Turns out when you’re friendly with someone, they ask you to buy.

I was scared to do this in SEO, because I didn’t want to be seen as the scammy SEO guy who is “just trying to sell everyone”. What I eventually realized was that that meant I was offering the wrong service. I didn’t believe in it. I believe in helping others do their own SEO… And that’s something i don’t mind trying to sell to the right company when they need it 🙂