My TV Just Broke

My TV broke last week. Oddly, on the same day my cable was supposed to be cancelled.

I decided I’ve become too introverted, too much of a hermit. Change is what I need, and a lot of it. Starting with small steps, I figured canceling my cable would help remind and force me to do more things that I say “I should do”.

And so I called Comcast to set a cancel date. When the day came, I got cold feet so I called to postpone it for another week (and since I know I’m canceling, why not upgrade for this week too?).


Well that evening, the bulb in my TV blew. I knew it was coming. The indicator light has been on for about 2 years. But today?!

Fine serendipity. Have it your way. I won’t repair the TV and I won’t replace it. I’ll go without.

It’s been a little while since all this happened, and each night I keep remembering that I don’t have cable. I find myself sitting at my desk with “work to do”, and no background noise. YouTube works, but I’ll never go back to working if I pull that bastard of a .com up.

No, I need to call family, visit friends and be social. It’s hard though, no one’s here to tell me to do it. I’ve worked so much during my 20’s that I genuinely have to make an effort to stop working and go enjoy life a little.

The sad part is, there isn’t much to show for all the hard work I’ve done. Have I wasted my 20’s?

I regret to admit, I believe I have for the most part. I could have worked this hard in my 30’s. Why the rush?

Too late now. All I can do is make sure I don’t get my cable turned back on, call a friend and go do something that’s fun.