SEO Sucks

Interesting, unqiue, remarkable, rediculous… not normal, average, boring

lLet’s not call it “SEO” anymore.  Too many people think SEO is the devil. Let’s just call it “web marketing” because that’s what Google has forced it to become now. This is actually great for you though, because you can stop obsessing about technicalities. Start focusing on what actually mattered all along anyway, content and attention.

Technical/ traditional SEO

  • Use html tags like you would a reserach outline… title,meta description, h1, h2’s, h3’s, etc
  • Use a specific keyword throughout your page
  • Readable url structure
  • Semantic navigation links
  • I’m using “SEO sucks” on this page


  • How can you stand out?
  • How can you build a bigger barrier to entry for competitors?
  • Why does your company exist? Why should people care?
  • What are you involved in?
  • What do you believe in? What do you hate? Love?
  • What’s everyone else doing the wrong way?
  • What have you done wrong? And right?
  • I’m talking about something unique on this page, SEO sucks.


  • How can you get people talking about you (online and offline)?
  • How can you get links that will send you leads  from other websites?
  • Why do you deserve other people’s time?
  • What’s in it for people to visit your site?
  • How can you make people on the web want to talk about you?
  • I’m reaching out to a few people to get some attention for this page, so hopefully I’ll rank for SEO sucks.