Starting a minimum viable freelance business

Keep your day job until profit is high enough that it forces you to quite.

Here’s why:

So, when you’re working out the numbers to see if you should make the jump or not, be sure to consider keeping your day job temporarily as an option.

Or, you can do what I did 6 years ago and turn your day job into a customer. I offered to provide the same service (web marketing) to my boss for 1/2 the salary if he’d let me work from home. But I did this only after I got a check from someone else willing to pay me the same amount for the same service 🙂

*You can argue the effective cost of taxes will be less. But (for a freelancer) if that margin means the difference between your business working or not, I urge you to rethink your business idea.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Criticism? Complaints?