The Easiest Path To Quick Sales


lead generation

business development

cold calls

make friends and give referrals

Be specific, solve their problems. Keep notes of questions/answers, selling points and objections so you can tweak your pitch as time goes along.
Stay classy and don’t beg or be desperate. When you’re talking with a prospect, try to be the pretty girl in the room without being arrogant. Just imagine the service you’re offering is exactly what they need but with limited supply…so they should freakin’ buy it and woe on them if they don’t. They lost out, not you.
Becoming friends is your primary goal with everyone you talk to. Period. Fuck the sale. That’ll come if you believe in the product and make friends.
Start a conversation about what’s best for them. It’ll tell you what they are willing to pay for. Prove you’re a valuable resource, and set yourself apart from others by making a friend first and a sale second.
Don’t sell. Just be friends first, and be enthusiastic about your skills/profession second. This works 99% of the time. Plus this way, everyone who doesn’t buy from you will likely send you a referral at some point since they are now your friend.
People refer people to their friends.
Give ideas. Be the idea guy.
Practice coming up with good ideas on the fly for other people. Get good at it. But really, you just need to fire off some good ideas for other people. They’ll VALUE that about you and want to stay in touch
Ask interesting questions they’ve probably never heard before. It’ll make them think, and they’ll consider you a smart, interesting person.
Once you are doing it well, practice throwing in some humor (like I just did with the car thing) and you’ll be a fucking pro at sales.
Create documentation for how to handle your leads. Preferably, online forms with options for each of your services and questionnaires for new clients. Then go shopping. Haggle, negotiate, and be sold. Once you find someone who does well, hire them on commission (even if part time). Train them on the processes of how you deal with leads, route all phone calls to them and be sure they keep sales documentation up to date.