Think Too Much and Do Too Little

I’m not happy with where I’m at in life because I think too much and do to little. I like that I have the ability to “over-analyze”, but I don’t enjoy my lack of taking action.

I am very, very good at non slimy sales because I’m extroverted and love talking to people, being outdoors, etc.

I am very good at getting qualified traffic to websites because I’ve spent 8 years dong SEO/ PPC for companies with millions of dollars in revenue (and helped grow most of them considerably).

I know very capable software developers who have built several successful apps. I know many millionaires who own successful businesses. And I’m good friends with most of these people. Now that I think about it, most of my friends own a business.

….And yet, I’m not a millionaire. Not due to lack of opportunities or options. Not due to lack of focus, either. Anyone who has met me once, knows my ultimate goal is owning a successful business. No, I just haven’t taken enough action.

Here’s to taking action. I’m on it….