Whoever sells the most wins

Let’s be honest, websites like this one (sound) sell millions in merchandise….

I started off in sales when I was 19, and learned that everything got better whenever I could sell more then everyone else.Now, I’m 27 and in marketing, but it’s the same thing and it’s just as true now as then was.

I wasted years reading every SEO tip, trick and tactic I could find on the web. Oh, it did me some good, but not nearly as much as it would have if I would have focused on making more sales (for clients and myself).

“But SEO does make more sales” you say. Sure it does, if you optimize your outreach for sales so overwhelmingly that Google is forced to rank you. But if you just focus on xx keywords and “higher quality” links you’re going to lose to your competitor who’s not losing the trees for the forest. I don’t care about “high quality links”. I want leads from links, and you should too.

Think about all the people you look up to. The odds are that they sold the most in their field/industry/niche. And that’s what gave them the freedom to try new things and be a thought leader.. and hence, sell even more.

Let’s keep this fact in mind as we go about our day refactoring code and tweaking designs.

p.s. If you want to learn non manipulative sales (hint: the secret key is friendly + genuine + useful), I recommend you to read anything by Jeffrey Gitomer.