Why I’m Not a Billionaire Yet

I love money, everyone knows that about me.

But not for the glory, the fame or the status. I love it for the stability, the options and the opportunity the money buys.

I’m 28, and I thought for sure I’d be close to a billion dollars by now. But I’m no where even close. Not even close to a million.

Why? I’ve had every opportunity, why wasn’t I able to do it? Will I ever be able to?

I already know what I’d do if I had the money, I’d help people. I’d be a quite rich guy living way below his means. My closest friends wouldn’t even know. I like the idea of this lifestyle, I’d do it for sure.

But then, why aren’t I helping people now in smaller ways? I should start, today. And with something really small.

Back to the money. I think I haven’t been able to accumulate a million or even a billion dollars is simple, but scary to admit…..

I haven’t tried. I’ve tried to tread water. I’ve tried to pay my bills every month. I’ve tried to not piss off people in my network. And I’ve done all of those things well.

So there. I just simply need to try. But what if I try and still can’t? And worse, how can I try when I’m busy treading water, paying bills and not upsetting anyone?

This is the real problem. And I don’t know how to answer it, but I’ve got to figure it out. I think the answer is to genuinely try by choosing a path and sticking with it long enough to learn all the pivots I’ll need to make to achieve my goal.

My goal is to have a billion dollars net worth.

To do this, I want to create a business that runs and grows without me. And then invest the profits into real estate. And then invest that cash into the stock market.

So I should start small. If I don’t make it to a billion, then fine. Maybe I can make it to a million. Either way, I’ll enjoy the process more than I’d enjoy working at a secure job for 20 – 30 years. Even if I die broke.

As long as I help people along the way.

So I start small. Today I’ll help someone in some small way. This week I’ll begin taking steps towards creating a purple cow style business in tourism since that’s what I know best. I’ll stick with it until I realize I need to pivot. And then I’ll pivot. I’ll do this until I have enough cash to buy a 2nd town house. And then I’ll continue until I can buy a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 100th. Eventually, I’ll create or buy apartment buildings. And along the way, I’ll use the cashflow profits from real estate to invest in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, hedge funds, etc.

I’ll do all of this and continue learning. I’ll never bet the farm, but I will gamble. And I’ll enjoy it.